Kyodai roughly translates to brotherhood, which is exactly what we were built upon.
It was only through the assistance of friends and family that we all begin to learn and love the koi in this hobby. From the conceptualizing and building of a pond through the purchase of your first koi, you interact with others every step of the way.
Kyodai began with founder and owner Alex Nguyen, who was an avid collector of show-quality Nishikigoi. The greatest enjoyment, he discovered, was in selecting and growing out the highest-quality Nishikigoi for show. As his hobby grew, he began sharing his prized Nishikigoi with friends, who then told their friends…and thus Kyodai Koi began.
We have several greenhouse ponds in addition to a 750,000-gallon mud pond, located in Louisville, Kentucky. When purchasing female koi, we offer Azukari options for continuing to grow your selection in our Kentucky-clay, mineral-rich mud, with a Niigata-style harvest in the fall. If your koi is not found in the pull, instead of offering a replacement, we will give a full refund. Why? Because we acknowledge and respect that no two koi are the same, so giving credit simply isn’t enough!
We are here to provide excellent communication, care, and customer service to all of our consumers. This industry is our hobby and our passion, and we want to preserve honesty and integrity among koi dealers. Koi are our passion – as animal lovers at heart, we are dedicated to providing only the highest-quality accommodations for our Nishikigoi. You can ensure you are receiving a fish of superior standards – and health!
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